2015 TH 9-3 22 51:51

Today I got started to  improvise on goals I had this year, although I haven’t made much progress I felt the need to try and cheer myself up, In the rush of adrenaline and excitement I made some reckless decisions but in the end I’m kinda happy I got somethings done.

There was a couple of figures from MedicomToy I had my eye on four of them, three of which I ended up buying for a relatively reasonable price I’m still looking for the last one but for now I’m content with the loot.

Ultra Detail Figure #177,198,199 aquired

UDF#174 Wanted  ≤$15

The second mission I embarked on adding custom artwork to my MadcatzTE2, one I had bought at EVO on July 18th of this year. The sole reason was cause of the Noir Panel surprisingly unlike their online store they had plenty of supply at the event, I could not decide what artwork to put on it had a couple of hours on Photoshop last week and then came up with something noteworthy of having stick around on my new TE2 for the next generation.

Even after all That I still had to find a way to print the darn thing so after a couple of grueling days of unsuccessful googling my journey finally took me to a website called Uprinting.com. Although the end result is kinda expensive(on shipping) my lazy self did not want to pick it up so I decided to get it shipped and hopefully I’ll make note of it in a week or so.

2015 SU 6-7 05 0:10

Just got a replacement gateway for my old 3ds came in the same video game case I sent. It’s wonderful thinking that people have integrity even when it has to do with piracy they could have easily hassled me with the unanimous paypal payment I payed(and I was kinda skeptical[more like scared shitless of losing $100 dollars] but it all went excellent great service provided.

Furthermore I found a great new program while one day I hope to learn Japanese my lack of passion or maybe plain laziness are a huge drawback. Kanjitomo is the program in question it’s great, it recognizes Japanese hieroglyphics just by pointing at the picture or words it’s pretty accurate although it’s limited by color scheme and layouts it’s still pretty amazing for those who would like to read raw manga or have trouble with kanji.