2015 SU 6-7 05 0:10

Just got a replacement gateway for my old 3ds came in the same video game case I sent. It’s wonderful thinking that people have integrity even when it has to do with piracy they could have easily hassled me with the¬†unanimous paypal payment I payed(and I was kinda skeptical[more like scared shitless of losing $100 dollars] but it all went excellent great service provided.

Furthermore I found a great new program while one day I hope to learn Japanese my lack of passion or maybe plain laziness are a huge drawback. Kanjitomo is the program in question it’s great, it recognizes Japanese¬†hieroglyphics just by pointing at the picture or words it’s pretty accurate although it’s limited by color scheme and layouts it’s still pretty amazing for those who would like to read raw manga or have trouble with kanji.